Introduction to Warren Park Health and Living Center

Warren Park Health and Living Center is a residential facility located in northern Chicago. We specialize in the treatment of adults diagnosed with a variety of medial conditions associated with aging, injury, and psychological health.

Our philosophy is guided by a holistic approach that defines health not solely as the absence of disease, but instead as a state of “complete physical, mental, and social well-being.” Individual needs are addressed through ongoing personal attention and development of a plan of care unique to each resident.

The care planning process is designed to incorporate input from each of our departments in a manner that is both interdisciplinary and mindful of resident needs and wants. Warren park residents enjoy a strong sense of community and a therapeutic milieu. The staff and professionals at Warren Park provide the environment and resources to help our residents maintain balance and stability so that they may live a full and healthy life.


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“I consider the staff and residents at Warren Park to be family and couldn’t imagine a more rewarding career. Every day is an opportunity to help someone else."

Joshua Williams
Licensed Nursing Home Administrator,
Masters of Social Work

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“I love interacting with residents and working towards the best possible health outcomes.”

Tamra Mandeldove
Registered Nurse
Director of Nursing



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“I value connecting our residents with needed resources and following their care and progress.”

Kelly Sydell
Doctorate in Clinical Psychology
Hospital Liason



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“I love being part of a staff that all work together to improve the lives of our residents.”

Sotanya Grayson
Certified Nursing Assistant
C.N.A. Supervisor

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“I pride myself on being there for our residents and building relationships through listening and learning about their lives.”

Tynesha Whitehead
HR Director



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“My favorite part of working at Warren Park is connecting with residents and changing lives for the better.”

Diana Vazquez
Activity Director

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